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Chicken thighs (skin on), cream, limones, capers, chicken stock.

Heat skillet in oven at 425. (The first time I did it at 400 and I thought I could go higher).

Season thighs with salt and pepper. Once skillet is hot, sear chicken thighs on stove top, skin-on side first. Listen. Then after a few minutes, maybe 2-3, flip them and put them back in oven.

Set meat thermometer at 165. And before it gets to 165, increase the oven temperature to get the thighs crispier, try 475.

When chicken is cooked, start the sauce. This ratio was for 4 decent servings: remove thighs from skillet, place stock in skillet (cover 1/4" of skillet with stock) and start scraping the bottom bits, let it simmer a bit, then add lime juice (squeeze 2 whole limes), then add capers (eye ball them), then add the cream a bit at a time, mixing, tasting, until you get to what you are looking for.