I have been teaching a React Intro class over at codementor.io.

By the end of this course I hope students will have hands-on experience using React and Flux. We are building a real-time chat application which will provide a real sense of how to build apps the React way.

In this class, students will learn:

  • React,
  • Flux,
  • routing and animations with React,
  • Webpack,
  • ES6,
  • debugging React,and
  • creating reusable components.

Here’s the syllabus for the class.

Lesson 1 - Setup and Handling User Input Link to heading
  • Intro to React
  • Setup with webpack and ES6
  • Start building a real-time chat application
  • How to handle user inputs
Lesson 2 - Managing Data and Actions using Flux Link to heading
  • Intro to Flux
  • Adding flux to our chat app to send and receive messages in real-time
  • Using React Developer Tools
Lesson 3 - Routing and Animations Link to heading
  • Intro to react-router
  • Adding routing to our app
  • Intro to react animations
  • Adding animations to our app
Lesson 4 - APIs and Performance Link to heading
  • Integrating our chat app with other APIs
  • Testing the performance of our application
  • Review

It’s a very hands-on class. The code for the class and slides are here: