I’m bullish on Flutter at the moment. After all the research I have done, the talks I’ve heard and the sample apps I have developed–once Flutter reaches 1.0, it will be the best cross-platform solution for mobile.

Once the Flutter team releases the Cupertino widgets and its version 1.0, then it will make its value proposition even sweeter for iOS apps.

I like Flutter technology choices. They are simple compared to apps written in HTML5, Xamarin or React Native.

Unlike Xamarin, Flutter has its own UI widgets. Controlling the UI elements makes maintenance easier. Also, Flutter implements the unidirectional data flow which I don’t think you can do in Xamarin since it is tied to the MVC patterns of the underlying frameworks. Also, in Xamarin, you wouldn’t be able to diff the different visual states.

Unlike React Native, Flutter doesn’t cross a bridge every time the code needs to interact with a UI element, which happens a lot at runtime. AirBnb has documented its issues scaling React Native. Most apps shouldn’t face those issues but the fact that the underlying technology is so complex makes me feel uneasy. The React Native team is rearchitecting the underlying React Native bridge technology.

Unlike HTML5 apps,… this comparison is not even fair.

Again, I think Flutter will be the best choice for cross-platforms apps. Hopefully it will reach 1.0 status soon and garner the attention it deserves.