Discovering the Monarch message that resonates with users was an incredible experience. I traveled to Charlotte, Washington DC, New York City and Lima, Peru to talk about Monarch. Every presentation gave me so much feedback on what worked and what didn’t work. By the time I got to the last presentation the message was on point! The audience responded very well to the messaging, specially in the last two presentations in DC and Lima.

I wrote the script of every presentation which was about 6500 words. The talk itself was about 45 minutes to an hour. I think there were 75 to 100 slides on each talk. The talk also included animations and demos. For the talk in Lima, I wrote and delivered the presentation in Spanish. I hadn’t done a presentation that long and complex in a while so I had to rehearse it a lot. I’m so grateful to my friends and peers who gave me feedback and advice throughout the whole process. I feel all the hard work paid off.

The first talk and the last talk were very different. After every talk I asked the audience for feedback. Getting this feedback was a painful experience but it was so necessary. I incorporated all their feedback onto the next talk which made every talk better than the previous one—with every talk, the message and the audience response just kept getting better and better.

And to make the experience even more rich, I also met some amazing people along the way.

Below are some pictures of the talks.

Lima - October 2023 Link to heading

Washington DC - September 2023 Link to heading

New York City - August 2023 Link to heading

Charlotte - July 2023 Link to heading