Monarch Talks in NYC, DC, Lima and Charlotte Link to heading

From July 2023 to October 2023 I gave several Monarch talks to groups of Flutter developers. This was an amazing experience. The blog post below has more details and pictures of the talks.

Event Sourcing at Dropsource Link to heading

Talk at the Triangle Node.js Meetup, May 2016
The presentation gave an introduction to Event Sourcing and how we are implementing it at Dropsource.

React Intro Class Link to heading

A series of courses on React, circa 2016
I taught a series of classes introducing React. This class gave students hands-on experience using React and Flux. We built a real-time chat application which gave students a real sense of how to build apps the React way.

Codementor sessions Link to heading

Consultations on Codementor, circa 2015
I coached many developers on various technologies, such as JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Angular, etc.

Some reviews from the developers I mentored:

Fernando is an expert and a gentleman. He immediately identified my needs and worked with me to fully deploy my app.
–Jake Tunney

Fernando is a true mentor. Besides being a great programmer he also has the gift of teaching. Highly recommended!

Fernando was great about being available, about helping me resolve my issue in a way that left me with clean code and also explaining things to me so I could understand and learn.
–Sara Ines Calderon

Fernando is very knowledgeable about the entire FullStack. He provided good recommendations for our server architecture in NodeJS/MongoDB.


Here is my Codementor profile.

Scaling Kanban at Ultimate Software Link to heading

Talk at the Agile Conference, circa 2010
During my time at Ultimate Software (now UKG), I coached several teams on Agile Development methodologies. Based on that work I gave a presentation at the Agile Conference on implementing and scaling Kanban at a large development organization. The talk also focused on the migration of 30 Scrum team to Kanban.

The talk was heavily attended and I got great questions from the audience.

The slides are copyrighted by Ultimate Software, but here is an InfoQ article which acknowledges my work on this area: Ultimate Kanban: Scaling Agile without Frameworks at Ultimate Software

Trap.Net: a Realization of Transparent Shaping in .Net Link to heading

Talk at a Software Engineering conference in Boston, circa 2007
This talk was based on my master thesis which consisted of modifying the behavior of long-running programs. These programs couldn’t be restarted thus they received new instructions dynamically at run time which altered their original behavior.

The research paper on this work can be found here: Trap.Net: a Realization of Transparent Shaping in .Net.